What Sage 50 Software Will Do For Your Small & Growing Business

sage 50 software nigeria
Sage 50 is one of the most respected accounting software for small and growing businesses dating back to the era of PC. It is not only designed to make your financials easier but also scales; as your needs grow, you can upgrade to the version that suits your dynamic and changing accounting and reporting needs. Whether you are a new business looking for a simple version like Sage 50 Pro or growing enterprise that needs the Premium to a more robust operation that needs the Quantum for inventory management, and better job costing, Sage is what you need to navigate through the difficult, complex accounting system and tasks required to stay on top of your business information.

Features of Sage 50 Accounting Software.

Depending on your line of business in any industry, here are some of the key features you should know about Sage 50 software for SMEs.
  • Create an invoice for sales or services rendered.
  • Monitor your cash flow from/to vendors
  • Manage and reconcile your inventories, track available quantities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Manage your customer/clients or suppliers/vendor records, including pending balances.
  • Categorize your transactions based on projects.
  • Reconcile your bank statement with actual bank balances.
  • Save time, reduce transaction processing cost and ensure accuracy of data.
  • File your business tax with confidence
  • Tracks receivables, payable balances, bank balances and petty cash.
  • View and customize your financial reports
sage software Sage 50 comes in different variations; the cloud or traditional product. When you buy Sage 50 in the “Traditional” manner, you own a Perpetual License.  What does this means, you may ask? You can use the accounting software as long as you want, even past the period allowed by the Sage support centre.  On the other hand, Sage 50c is sold as subscription; you have unlimited access to the software as long you renew your payment annually and if you fail to subscribe, you will only view your data but can’t add or modify existing transactions. You can buy Sage 50 (Pro, Premium and Quantum) as perpetual licenses from BigResources Solutions. Send email to our client centre at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng or bigresourcessolutions@gmail.com or call Oge 08105090001

What version of Sage 50 is right for my business?

Whether you want the one-off or perpetual license, here is a breakdown of the features of Sage 50 Pro, Premium and Quantum you should know:

Sage 50 Pro accounting software.

This version of sage 50 only support one user per account with the following features :
  1. Organizing business financing
  2. Pay bill
  3. Cash flow management.
  4. Cost management.
  5. Cloud access.
  6. Microsoft office 365 integration.
  7. Find more details about Sage 50 Pro and Price Offer

Sage 50 Premium Accounting Software.

This is another extended version of sage 50 that takes up to 5 users and it also has extra features compared to the sage 50 Pro which are.
  1. Inventory tracking.
  2. Manage job project and expenses.
  3. Security control measures.
  4. Cloud access.
  5. Microsoft office 365 integration.
  6. Find more details about Sage 50 Premium and Price Offers Here

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Software.

This is the most expensive and robust version of Sage 50 which has more users’ access with additional features which are:
  1. Robust Enterprise Accounting procedures.
  2. Industry-specific line of business. e.g. construction, manufacturing and distribution.
  3. Cloud access.
  4. Microsoft office 365 integration.
  5. The accounting process is seamless.
  6. Fast processing up to 40 users.
  7. Remote access to data for staff and accountant.
  8. Audit trail.
  9. Job costing phase and cost level.
  10.  Advance budgeting.
With this information, you can tell which version of sage 50 is suitable for your line of business but if you need help on the version that suits retail, manufacturing, service, NGOs, contractors, real estate, oil and gas etc, connect with us at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng, bigresourcessolutions@gmail.com or call 08105090001